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The Collaboratorium provides a mechanism for ISUH members to learn from colleagues worldwide committed to urban health and health equity across disciplines and sectors; share their work with a global network of urban researchers, educators, community leaders, practitioners and policy makers in the global North and South; and develop collaborations and partnerships to generate new knowledge that strengthens the evidence and experience base to inform practice and policy to promote urban health and address health inequities.

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Innovative Adolescent Health Interventions in the socio-demographically diverse City of Tamale led by the Regional Institute of Population Studies, University of Ghana.

The project aims to promote multi-stakeholder engagement to identify gaps and collaborate in the provision of Sexual Reproductive Health Services (SRHS) for adolescents and youth with an aim to influence municipal health planning.

Safe Active Routes for Adolescents in Cali

Safe Active Routes for Adolescents is led by Fundacion Despacio in Cali, Colombia. The project promotes active mobility. The critical areas of focus are to encourage young people to walk and bike to school to promote a healthy lifestyle, with the aim to design safe intersections, increase road safety, and strengthen ongoing city initiatives focusing on mobility. The objective is to increase knowledge and data collection around safe and sustainable mobility in Cali.